Senior Mens Golf Association - North Ridge Country Club
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The Men's Senior Golf Association (SGA) at North Ridge Country Club, Raleigh NC, USA is a group whose primary purpose is: Enjoying golf!

SGA members also have at least three major tournaments a year, held at North Ridge:

  • Match play tournament
  • SGA Championship
  • One-day mixed-team event held with the cooperation of the North Ridge Country Club Ladies Golf Association

In addition, SGA members may sign up to participate in the Capital City Interclub events. The events are one-day flighted events (with lunch) held throughout the months of April-thru-October.

The SGA also holds frequent one-day shotgun start events (most include lunch) for SGA members.

The purpose of this Web site is to provide information related to the above as well as to provide a central place for inter-member (SGA-related) communication.

Some of manys' favorite spots on the Oaks.
Votes for Favorite Spots on the NRCC courses are starting to come in:

  • Lakes 3rd Green and Willow Trees view from half-way down or more of the hole, especially in the morning.
  • Looking back from backside of Oaks 8th green.
  • Looking back from backside-left of Oaks 9th green.
  • Looking back to Oaks 9th green and up the 9th fairway from Oaks 10th fairway.
  • Oaks 11th Tee.
  • Oaks 13th Tee.
  • Lakes 14th Tee.
  • Lakes 13th Second or Third shot.
  • Oaks 18th Third shot to green with clubhouse in the sun.
  • Looking back from Oaks 18th green to the fairway corner.
  • Oaks 9th Tee.
  • Oaks 9th Drop Area.
  • Your favorite?

What is ONE - or more - of your favorite views/locations at NRCC?

Let me know, when you have time to let me know what YOUR
favorite spot or spots are on NRCC golf courses.
send mail to:

April 3, 2016
Dogwoods-Arrive Week in the Raleigh NC Area

Clicking, below, will bring you a larger-sized image put together using Google Earth photos. You will have to "scroll around" some. See if you can see all 36-holes from 3000 ft.

News/Most-Recent Updates

  • Have a Great Start to 2016!

    The 2016 Interclub schedule is coming about. For an unoffical copy-of, go to the Interclub page via the above navigation or click on:
    NRCC SGA Interclubs Main Web Page

  • 2016 Calendar (NRCC Golf Course Photos)

    My 2016 Golf Course Calendar decisions have been made and the calendar is shown by going to:

    2016 Calendar

    To eMail me:
    Webmaster at NRCC Senior Mens Golf dot org.

  • Do You Have any Old Photos Taken while on one or more of NRCC Golf Holes/etc.

    If you were/are a member of North Ridge CC in Raleigh NC. and you are reading this....

    North Ridge's 50th anniversary is coming soon. I am looking for any paper-or-other-hardcopy photos (or digital, for that matter) that you have in your possession and would be willing to share. If you DO have some old "stuff" and ARE willing to share, just send me an eMail and/or place the hard-copy photos in an envelope with your name on the envelope and have the locker room assistant place them in my locker. I will take care of scanning the hard-copy and getting the hard-copy back to you. My aim is to protect your material to the best of my ability and, in turn, get the hard-copy back to you intact. I will try my best...

    I am especially looking for anything before 2005 or so -- and, for golf hole photos - but: Anything you may be willing to share as part of the 50th NRCC anniv. would be great.

    If you eMail me, I will of course contact you to arrange for my scanning the hard-copy at your convenience.

    Thank you in advance!
    Dave Shogren -

    If you have never gone to THIS site's collection of Golf Hole photos that I maintain (clickable via this site's navigation), a direct link is:
    Shogren's Saved NRCC Golf Hole Photos
    When there, just click on any golf hole to see the photos that I have archived.

    If this topic is of interest to you and you have patience while Web browsing, sometime go to:
    View some "old stuff" that I have saved over the years related to NRCC

    the "NR30" material shown there is not organized perfectly -- but, should give you a feeling for what I have now available. Of course, if you have any problems/concerns, just get back to me.
    Dave Shogren -
    I have started a Webform Web page for this topic. If you have time and are interested in such, please go to:
    Webform for this site's NRCC 50th Anniversary project.

  • Un-official Naming of Golf Holes at NRCC
    I have built a Web page on our site for this. Purely un-official. Just for fun.

    We had two votes come in during June, 2011. Thanks! Since then: No feedback. The votes were for Lakes 14 as "Turtle Hole" (that hole now has two vote-names: "Perfection" and "Turtle Hole"; I left the chosen name as "Perfection" as the votes are one-each and I make the final decision)! The second vote was for Lakes 16 and "Big Bertha" - Big Bertha continues to be the name of choice for Lakes 16.
    Why not send YOUR vote in?

    Lakes #14
    Turtle Hole
    Lakes #16
    Big Bertha

    If interested in this project, go to:

    Naming of Golf Holes at NRCC

  • Some Recent Photo Updates
    This Websites "Recent ...." photo's Web page is updated often. If interested, please go to: "Recent Photos..."

  • Question(s) of the Week

    I had a vote come in for the best 18th hole of our Interclubs. The voter picked #18 at Brier Creek. A good choice! See, below, for more information. Reminder: If you DO vote, please include your eMail address and name on your input (that will NOT be published; it, just, lets me know you are not a "spammer"). Thanks!

    1. What is your favorite (NRCC SGA) 18th Hole on the Interclub "Circuit"? - and: Why is that your favorite?

      Answer/comment so far:

      • Macgregor's 18th. Visually beautiful and allows for all handicappers to have a chance to contribute. I also could have chosen: Prestonwood Highlands #18, Brier Creek's #18, Bentwinds #18, Raleigh's #18 or, for that matter: North Ridge Oaks #18. We get to play a lot of great finishing holes! ds

      • Brier Creek's 18th (No reason given) anonymous

    If you wish to vote, please go to: Vote for Interclub's Favorite/Best 18th Hole

Other SGA / Senior Events

Well, Senior Tuesdays in 2014 reverted to "Private Groups". However, there are a number of other SGA events.

For now: Enjoy wintertime golf and let me know if you have a "Shot of the Day" to report!

  • Congratulations to: Varner Olmsted SGA Champion 2015

    For more information and overall results (scoreboard) click on:

For the SGA Tuesday Main Web Page visit:
Other SGA / Senior Events Page

Shot(s) of the (SGA)Day(s) October 15, 2013

Tom Yancey: Lakes #14 Par 4 and Lakes #12 Par 4 - Wow. I played with Tom on this day and he hit two terrific bunker shots. We started on the Lakes 14th hole and he pushed his opening drive slightly right - long - catching the last part of the right-side fairway bunkers. Having little chance to hit the green (so I thought) as he was located just short of the edge of the bunker, Tom hit a perfect shot onto the green 9.5 feet left of the pin. A terrific first-non-drive-shot of the day. Later, on the 12th Lakes, Tom duplicated a similar-situation shot from the left-side bunker. Again, just short of the edge of the bunker, he hit the green this time 11.25 feet from the pin. Two terrific golf shots.

If you witnessed or executed another "Shot of the Day" as part of an SGA Event, just send us an eMail

To see an Archive of Shots of the Days go to:

NRCC SGA Archived Shots of the (Tues)Days Web Page

Senior Interclubs

Upcoming in 2016:
Monday April 18, At Bentwinds CC
Tuesday April 26 2015, At Croasdaile CC

Some Previous Results: (Sorry, I was not active much in 2015. If you have some results that you have taken photos of - Scoreboards, etc. - don't hesitate to send such to me. Thank you, in advance; I will post them in the "archived" files for a particular year).

Tuesday April 28 2015, At Croasdaile CC
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

A Few Photos from Croasdaile CC April 28, 2015

Some Previous 2014 Results:

CASMGA Championship Nov 5 2014

Wednesday September 17 2014, At Prestonwood CC
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

A Few Photos from Prestonwood CC September 17, 2014

Tuesday August 12, 2014 - At North Ridge (Lakes)
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

A Few Photos from North Ridge (Lakes) August 12, 2014

Thursday August 5, 2014 - At Brier Creek GC
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

Photos from Brier Creek GC August 5, 2014

Thursday July 10, 2014 - At Croasdaile CC
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

Photos from Croasdaile CC July 10, 2014

Wednesday June 18, 2014 - At Devils Ridge CC
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

Photos from Devils Ridge CC June 18, 2014

Tuesday May 20, 2014 - At North Ridge (Oaks Course)
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

Photos from North Ridge CC May 20, 2014

Some Long-Time-Ago Results:

Wednesday October 16, 2013 - At Macgregor CC
Congratulations to the host club (Macgregor) on winning, on that day, the 2013 Season Championship. Some of us on the "losing" teams are thinking of changing the rules for the Championship (for example: Make it an overall-season competition). Any comments?

Thursday September 5 - At Raleigh CC
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

Photos from Raleigh CC Sept. 5, 2013

Tuesday August 13, 2013 - At North Ridge CC
For selected photos and the scoreboard of the day, go to:

Photos from North Ridge CC August 13

I will not play in all 2015 Interclubs. If you have photos or North Ridge results you would like tabulated on the Interclub page: Thank you, for sending such along to me: send mail to:

For additional information regarding our Interclubs, please see:
NRCC SGA Interclubs Main Web Page

SGA Match Play

Make sure that you are paying attention to the Men's Locker Room SGA Bulletin Board (the only official source of information!).

Congratulations to all who participated in the Individual Match Play - and, of couse to the winners! The Flight winners were: Frank Robuck (Flight I), Bob White (II), Larry Wilson (III), and Craig Ralph (IV), with Frank Robuck winning the overall final. Congratulations, as well, to those who participated in the 2-man event. The 2-Man event was won via a drawing in 2015. For the unofficial bracket and results, click on:

For the unofficial bracket and results, click on: NRCC SGA Ladder Tournament

If you have any corrections/results, just eMail me.

Bob Catapano information from April 9 in PDF format is at:
2015 Individual Match Play Brackets
2015 Individual Match Play Participants
2015 Individual Match Play Rules

Note that the first round started April 14, with all first round matchs completed before the May 5th second round begins. Congratulations on ending up with four flights. Good!

  • Voting for Favorite Golf Hole at North Ridge

    If you are interested - Click on the navigation bullet at the top of our Web pages - or the link, below, for: (The latest vote was July 31, 2011 for Lakes #14).
    Vote for Favorite Hole at North Ridge.

    Top Vote Count so far:
    Lakes #13 with five votes.
    Lakes #12 , Lakes #14 and Oaks #18 with four votes.

    Give me a shout if you have any comments / questions / problems with the above.

    Note: I had a few entries, recently, submitted without a name and/or eMail address. I "toss" these votes, as I want to make sure the vote is from a "real person" and not from some Web application. Thank you, in advance, for including your name and/or eMail in any vote.

  • "Best 18" holes for our Interclubs

    Note: In 2008 I started a set of "Best 18" holes for our Interclubs.

    I was updating the "Best" 13th hole recently and as I did so I noticed that the golf designers for our Interclubs' courses all seemed to come up with fine 13th holes. I have, so far, chosen North Ridge Lakes 13th (Par-5) as the best --- but, 13th holes that I have identified as special are:

      North Ridge CC (Lakes) #13 Par-5
      Croasdaile CC #13 Par-5
      Brier Creek CC #13 Par-4
      Macgregor CC #13 Par-4
      North Ridge (Oaks) #13 Par-3
      Raleigh CC #13 Par-4

    Which of these would be YOUR choice?

    Of course, even if the hole is not mentioned / shown in the Web page, just vote for YOUR favorite hole(s) of our Interclub rotation.

    If interested in viewing all currently-mentioned holes, click on the navigation bullet at the top of our Web pages - or the link, below, for:
    Interclubs->Top 18 Holes and Voting For Them.

  • Discussion Page

    We still don't get many comments-back on this area of the Website. When you get a chance to give the Discussion page a look: Thanks. I recently added a discussion-entry for "Tee Placement".
    I have had one comeback on this - and, I added a further comment (on the Web page).

    If you have not ever gone there, Give it a look when you have time to do so. Click on the navigation bullet at the top of our Web pages - or the link, below, for:
    About Us,...->Discussion.

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